Friday, January 19, 2007

Enterprise for an Existence

I often consider myself fortunate to be the part of a nation seemingly, getting into thespotlight of affairs. With over 7% of sustained growth in GDP and as a huge market for awide array of products and services ranging from Cotton Textiles to Mobile phones, fromCoffee Bars to Airline Services, India is in the heat of the moment. I feel proud to be a part of the happening atmosphere where more and more Indians want to have bigger houses, better cars, demand courtesy at restaurants and want on-time transport. It enthralls me that the Mittals and the Ambanis as the new Heroes of the youth are slowly replacing theGandhis and Netajis –Heroes of India’s yesteryears. Indians are getting ready to face the world with their sheer economic power and enterprise. It brings me pride to know that global perception of India as a poor nation is being changed by a perception of a definite power to reckon, a sleeping elephant now just awakened.

I am amazed at enterprise of humans to convert raw resources into hard earned money. I see enterprise in the eyes of the villager from Mandya holding out Maps and atlases for sale 10 rupees a piece ready for an immediate bargain. I see enterprise in the eyes of the girl from Bangalore who has just lost her job from a private firm, as she signs up to start out her own venture manufacturing name plates and making design documents. I see enterprise in the eyes of the four mavericks that quit their high paying MNC jobs to start their own unit writing code for VOIP services in Mumbai. I see enterprise in the eyes of the silent boy nextdoor as he talks about RFID solutions as the future of logistics in the nation and decides to pursue his career pioneering RFID networks. I am happy to see enterprise all around. I am glad that I am a part of this environment and I very much want to be a part of it.

I see in people the want to create opportunity and hope. I see in them the desire to innovate better and faster ways to converting resources into wealth, into a better standard ofliving. I see the urge to feel and play with the invisible hand of the market, where the competition is intense but guided purely by the unbiased laws of the market. I see the craving to enjoy the powers of being able to create more jobs, more buyers and more things to buy. I see the longing to be kindled bythe flames of healthy business competition that will only prompt them to either grow or die inthe process of the growth. I see the enthusiasm to nurture the spirit of enterprise that defines the way they think and the way they want to act. I can see with certainity a drive to be Entrepreneurs.

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