Friday, March 7, 2008

My Daddy Strongest

Its been quite sometime I have been thinking of writing about this man , who has been more than just my dad .He's been an inspiration, a guide and a role model. Today he is 60 years old, and in my opinion he's led a life examplary , that brings me pride as a son and brings me warmth as a person.

"Born" in India 1948 an era remembered for the left overs of the world's most ugly partition, , "Adoloscent" in an era of bell bottom pants,Indira Gandhi and Shammi Kapoor, "Bachelored" in an era of American Hippies, ABBA and Premier Padminis, "Married" in an era of Cold wars, Mr India, Azharudin and Gorbachev, "Fathered" in an era of Sachin Tendulkar, Reforms, IT industries and AR Rahman, "Retired" in the era of mobile phones, Bluetooth, Dhoni and 20-20. I would call that a rather remarkable profile for this man, who's lived life like the Roman in Rome, revelling his age in his character.

The earliest memories I have of my dad, include watching him when I was about 3 years old, while he was contriving an electric immersion heater out of household junk! Dad has been what one would call a "natural engineer" . A handyman with dexterous fingers that could just fix up anything in a jiffy. He repaired faulty scooters, fans, televisions, VCRs with the ease of an expert, many a times without any formal training to do so. Most of his engineering solutions were ingenious experiments of a clear thinking engineering mind.

All he needed was an old aluminium dish to make a dish antenna to catch television channels in the cable TV era. He was a born innovator. He made lamps, fires, structures, electronic gadgets all with a little bit of imagination and a lot of ease.

The truest of all lateral thinkers I have seen, with a keen eye for puzzles, sudokos and Complex problems. His problem solving techniques were always out of the box, fast and simple. A strong chess player with special strengths in end games and a champion in Tic Tac Toe or Chinese checkers, playing with him was always a pleasure and challenging.

Being a very pragmatic personality,he was a man of few words and strong values. He trusted the power in keeping things simple. He taught us (my brother and me) to enjoy the simplicity of thinking and the joy of taking up challenges. He taught by example the importance of taking difficult decisions quickly and firmly.

60 years might seem a long time for many, but not for this energetic man , an avid gardener and an internet enthusiast now, is still raring to go for long. Looking at him makes you feel that there is no end to learning. It makes you feel the desire to know and to enjoy the pleasure of result!!

On this very day , I want to say , I am what I am because of him and that he has been the inspiration for me to go on to try to reach where I want to go.

Thank you dad, and a Happy birthday.


Babu S said...

Proud Dad & Son.. I Wish very Happy BirthDay to dad..

Babu S

Sita said...

I have heard a lot about your dad.

Just as you write about your dad, I can see it very vividly that you are very much like your dad and that you are your dad's son!Like father like son!

You have inherited so many qualities from him. Some of them include, your spirit of innovation, "never say die" attitude, thinking out of the box,interest in chess, bikes, looking at a problem from a different perspective and the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement in everything that you do that never dies down.

Dear Uncle, we are all very proud of you for what you are and for what you have been! You are indeed an inspiration for everyone of us too!

Wish u a very happy birthday and a joyous year ahead!!!

Cherry said...

Its good to see a son write so much about a father.. Though we've never met, want to wish your dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and a great year ahead.

shri said...

I wish ur dad HAPPY B'DAY , many more happy returns & fortunes of all the day.wish him good health & long life.

its really wonderful hearin outta son bout his dad .it shows how much u do admire & got inspired.

i feel, for each & every child only dad could be first hero ,role model & many..

even me also the same ,love my dad the most & i always feel without him im nowhere.

Vilayur said...

You said it Prashanth. Its a fact that he was an ideal and loving father ,a family maker and simple but strong man.Much has been expresed in your lovely article covering 1984 till date. I am motivated to write about my loving brother ,I would rather write Shivraj before 1980's


Vilayur said...

The writeup is excellent.It means so much!Keep it up.We are all proud of you!
Padmini chitti

Anonymous said...

A nice article truly said about a father by a son. Wish dad many happy returns of the day.

Jothi Athai.

Rekha said...

Hello Dad

First i would like to wish you a VeRy VeRy HaPPy BrItH DaY on Your 60th Brithday.
You are the Man with thought of SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING.
Hats Off to you Dad.

Have a nice years ahead.

vijayan said...

It is truly nice to know how much your father has inspired you in your life Prasanth.

I too remember my childhood days with my brother -your father-fondly.Myself and my friends used to eagerly await the "Navarathri days", when he used to make interesting electronic gadgets like transistors made with soap boxes, telephones etc.


vijayan said...

Your article reminded me of the Thirukural I had learnt in my school days.The saying goes like this
"If a son wants to do his duty to his father, it is to make the world feel what good deeds his father should have done to get him as a son".

Your father has shown this to your grandparents.

Jegatha chithi

vijayan said...

Dear Prasanth,

I feel very proud of the way MY SON--your father has inspired you so much


Hari said...

Dear son
Your observation flattered me looking back my years what an To day yesterday is inherited from my loving Parents and in company of my brothers my close relations My dearest wife and my lovable children . If you think I have achieved it is contributions of you and of course as mentioned environment did it part for your rational thinking.At any difficult situation come out Analise solution will be simple. Enjoy your life. Dear son thank you for much said about me my blessing to you always
Your dear father.

vijayan said...



the same is shown in your article

your sister--APOORVA

vijayan said...

Dear Anna,


This has proved most apt in your case.


Vilayur said...

Dear Anna,
i liked the way you wrote this article.Indeed we are blessed to get such understanding and loving parents.i also pray that i live upto the expectations of our elders and you are my role model.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prashanth,
Wonderful article da..
As I was going through your article I could imagine those days in Rajeshwari and Crytal Apts.I was too young to realise anything before that.I learnt all the wonderful things from my father there.
He is a constant hard worker with No lazyness.All through my life i saw him buzy.Yet he had lot of time for us. The constellations that he used to show me in the terrace and tell me their stories used to amaze me.I could blindly give my name to any science competition that were held in my school cause I knew he would come out with something like THERMAL FRIDGE or MAGIC PROJECTOR that would be more than a scientific model to me.
One thing that I found in him was his Regularity.What ever may it be ,he would always leave home at 8.30 am (I am not exajurating,he is that precise) to go to office.He would never miss to go out with mom for a walk every evening.Its tough for anyone to be like this regular for decards together.
He is the one man who can be trusted always and I be doing that.

Ganesh Praveen H
(His Son)

Ganesh Nayak Ullal said...

Great article. MY b'day wishes to your dad.

Anonymous said...

dear krishna prashant,
A great father and a great son!
the eloquent write up will do shivaraj proud.
i cant imagine shivaraj is 60.he is all that u have said and alot more.
our best wishes to him for a long and contented life
murali and jaya
from tanzania