Saturday, March 8, 2008

The worst form of Terrorism!!

I recently heard from a friend about her recent experience in an interview where she was a panelist. She was working for a leading software firm in Bangalore, and happened to be rather proud of her accomplishment of having recruited a large number of competent professionals for her company. What startled me of course is a candid admission she made while saying that, she made sure that no Muslim got screened into getting selected. It shocked me and I thought that I heard her wrong! She explained that it was a dangerous risk to take in Muslims into an organization anymore, besides she personally preferred to work with non-Muslims!

The recent occurrences of educated employees from leading firms and respectable professions in Bangalore being involved in terrorist plots and being accused or arrested have opened a can of worms. I suspect a strong undercurrent which I wish do discuss in this article.

There are two aspects to these occurrences’.
1. The new face of terrorism, which breeds itself within unsuspecting neighborhoods of educated and sophisticated individuals.
2. A form of terrorism, which creates a rift between people on communal lines.

It is the second aspect, which I believe can get alarming. As far as this new face of terrorism goes, it is very interesting that terrorism improvises newer and newer methods of looping in individuals into its fold. In a few years the methods will not be the same. The police system and the government would have posed a check on today's events from happening. That will provoke promoters of terrorism to invent newer ways of propagating themselves.

The alarming aspect however, is that this method employed to loop in unsuspecting individuals is leaving an indelible mark on the communal perception of individuals. It is creating fear in the household, in the peaceful workplace and hence creating a communal rift!!

What has been the worst act of terrorism so far? Is it 9/11 or the London bombings? I don’t really think so, for although these events have caused a tragic loss of life and property; history shows that discrete events however disastrous are easily overcome. But the form of terrorism that is most dangerous and self sustaining is the one that causes permanent fear in the minds of the masses! I am afraid that this form of terrorism has struck!!

The perpetuators of 9/11 or London bombings or any other such act will be sooner or later brought to punishment. Terrorist outfits will also be disbanded in the future. But what all the Governments across the world will find it challenging to erase, is the fear in the minds of the masses, against the innocent peace loving Muslims spread across the world.

While we resolve to fight terrorism, we also need to address this concern! We need to educate our children in schools and homes to delink terrorists from religious identities. We need to realize that a terrorist is a terrorist whether a Muslim or not! It is a tough fight against the worst form of terrorism! But we need to fight it. We need to be more cautious of acts of terrorism, but not let ourselves fall prey to allowing terrorism from taking a communal color.


Hari said...

You have brought out nicely. I feel such demarcation is bad for humanity.

Sita said...

You have rightly pointed out here.

I also agree to the fact that all muslims should not be considered as terrorists or anti social elements. It is possible that many non muslims are also terrorists. Its all because of the media which hypes about certain issues and hides/wrongly portrays other issues.

I still remember 2 years back in October 2006 when I was raising a fund for the Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir Earth Quake victims, some people gave me me their money and told me "Make sure that my money doesn't go to Pakistan". I was shocked at this statement and said "The money will definitely go to whoever needs it most. I cannot assure you that it will not go to Pakistan"
Its high time that people wake up from these barriers of religion, caste, colour and creed which they have created for themselves. Let us be known only as "human beings", promoting universal brotherhood.

It should be one world--one family.