Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Daughter of D

Diamonds on her fingers
and a stone studded wear
pearls from distant lands
Amidst a platinum glare

Kings from all lands on earth
Princes from far and wide
Ministers, all men of power
All her girl friends beside

Large palaces of grandeur
And mansions flowing with glee
A moment of a divine occasion
The wedding of the daughter of D

She looks like an heavenly angel
She shines under the camera glaze
with all the glitter, and color adorned
Where is the smile on her face?

She stares at a distant nowhere
Beyond the oceans of this noise
Behind all the pomp and grandeur
She has everything but a choice!

Bound by the stones on her neckline
and the words on the Morning Times
She sits without a word spoken
Nor listening to the wedding Chimes

She can’t stir away to her freedom
Feel the breeze in the Arabian Sea
For no matter what she is by herself,
She is the lovely daughter of D.

1 comment:

Sita said...

Hey you had written this about Dawood Ibrahim's daughter on seeing her wedding photos, right?