Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves on this pathway
some brown or yellow green
Shine on this sunshine mellow
remind me of what things have been
Of the days I was a young fellow
Of the fleeting images I have seen
Of trains and buses and trite
Of people and their unseen might
Of rivers that whistle a song
but quietly and all night long
Campfires, dances and rosy flowers
broken huts, shining towers

Fallen Leaves on this pathway
some cracked some a mossy mess
Varied like the people I have met
People whom I couldn't like any less
Or those trapped within hatred's net
Of children and their innocent games
Of fights that ended before sunset
people with forgotten faces and names
Weird ideas and unbeleivable powers
wary incidents but certain to the core
Waking to watch those midnight showers
I could never walk that way anymore

Fallen Leaves on this pathway
as they dry down to meet the dust
Like myself at my finest hour
Fleeting seconds that count my breath
As I watch down from this ivory tower
60 seconds before my death

1 comment:

Sita said...

I was thinking about those friends who decide to stick on to us, irrespective of all odds, no matter what the season may be the last few leaves on the tree which is shedding for the autumn.

New leaves will certainly grow during spring, but, the leaves of autumn are really something special!!!