Saturday, March 22, 2008

Distant Moon

Down below falling swords
Craving for a human hand
Nothing said but silent words
Parted fingers, falling sand

And when she smiled a human smile
radiant and warm as the distant moon
dispelled fears of the dark and vile
I learnt I can be be alive too soon.

Saw the light of a friend's trust
Saw the might of a tender touch
The power of love over skinny lust,
and Adam's sin,but none too much

Stretched a second over several hours
Pushed a minute to over day and night
midnight winds into morning showers.
A Picture perfect in Black and White

Learnt the way to share a pie
Learnt the way to lose a game
Learnt to laugh and learnt to cry
To follow a rule and break the same

The grass around my fence grew green
The sky over my roof went blue
The air went fresh like it never had been
Daylight glowed with an yellow hue.

I knew she liked the way I sang
I knew she loved to hold my hand
The spreading joy when her laughter rang
Dismissing grief with a magic wand.

Growing plants of the trust we had seeded
Grew into branches that spread high above
And when at last I felt like needed
I knew for sure I was in LOVE!

Immersed in a fantasy of marmalede dream
Living on the clouds of a sunny day
I fell to trust an untrue scheme
Like an actor in an endless play

Failed to pluck out the thorns beside the rose
Failed to see the end coming soon
To sense the darkness before it shows
To see the craters on the Distant moon!

The end it came like a silent bird
Admist the noises of merriful glee
It came and left without a single word
It was bound to flow,and it did flee

Lost in words of a poets frame
Bound by the limits I cannot cross
An helpless player who lost his game
bearing the brunt of an unbearable loss!

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