Monday, May 12, 2008

A 100 Million Dollar Mistake.

After the shocking but well deserved sacking of Charu Sharma, as the CEO of the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the shameful performance of Bangalore's team in the IPL, media savvy businessman and owner of the Bangalore Royal Challengers, Dr Vijay Mallya admitted his expensive mistake he made while he auctioned for the players for his 111.6 million dollar franchise for the IPL.
In an embarrassing report in (Read:'Biggest mistake was to abstain from selection' - Mallya ) Mallya claims that the poor judgement of Rahul Dravid and a backing by Charu Sharma, got him a team which has been often referred to as a Test team rather than a 20-20 team. He quips.
"My biggest mistake was to abstain from the selection of the team. Though I watch a lot cricket whenever possible, I am no cricket expert at the end of the day.....I had a separate list of players that I wanted. But since Dravid is such an iconic player I trusted his judgment. And Charu Sharma also backed him. After seeing the final list, my friends told me it looked like a Test team,...But I backed both of them thinking that they advised me properly. Unfortunately in cricket, unlike in any other sport, the captain is the boss."
Having lost 6 of the 8 games they played the Bangalore Team remains at the bottom of the points table and shows no signs of improving from there. The mistake of selection claimed by Mallya will only demotivate the players further and am sure will fail again under pressure. Its certainly been a costly mistake. A mistake that millions of die-hard Bangalore fans(including myself) are finding difficult to digest.


Anonymous said...

Sir, this is not a cricinfo report. read this:

Panduranga Kharvi said...

Never mix sports with business. It will be an example what might happen !! . Mallya cannot think of loosing 6 out of 8 deals but Dravid can . I do belive that they will bounce back -- Optimistic (as i am) . No million dollar mistake----- "never trust any body in business : zero th rule of business is proved here."--- He will put it as lesson learned.

Sita said...

I do not feel that sacking of Charu Sharma or criticising Dravid solves the problem.

Mallya should learn to take victory and defeat in the spirit of a true sportsman. If he is unable to do that, he should not have chosen to endorse the sport.

Rekha said...

I think now onwards Rahul Dravid,Charu Sharma & their team will be having big task ahead.
Hope due this statement Bangalore team may come up.So, hope for the best.
And lets us wish
" ALL THE BEST FOR BANGALORE TEAM " for further Matches.

Bullsight said...

I feel, successful business man like Vijay Mallya should not say opening that his team failed because of wrong selection by rahul and charu.

i hope, he admit that its part of business that he should have come front in the begining itself and not at that point to blame people who are onboard.

by his open speech and pictures might as well demotivated players.

i hope bangalore team captain should not bother about this and can try to win in the successive games to come