Friday, May 2, 2008

Innovation Centre- A Dream Come True

Remember that ad of IBM where a lady from a corporate organisation speaks tall words and claims she has a place created for making innovations the "Innovation Centre"? IBM makes a message that Innovation does not come through talking but by "doing".For the Industrial environment ABB India, is "doing" to innovation which very few companies n India have done in the past. Clearly Innovation is the distinctive business advantage provider of the future.

A report on Economic Times dated May 2nd 2008, has Mr Biplab Majumder, the CEO and Managing Director of ABB India ltd. speaking rather proudly about the Innovation Centre that has developed around 36 patent applications for global use. (Read: ABB's on a scorching growth path)
Mr Majumder says thus about the Innovation centre: "...The largest research and development center within the group is now based out of India, after shifting base from Germany. ABB India has even set up an innovation center in Bangalore with a team of five engineers who have made 36 patent applications till date, out of which five have been accepted by ABB in all its worldwide businesses. ....."
Five enthusaistic Application Engineers from Drives ABB India, (Pradeep A, Haja Nizamudeen, Gargi Karmakar ,Vikaskumar B and Myself) supported by a radically thinking ABB management dreamed of a centre for creating innovations, a centre for promoting the idea of leading the market than , merely conquering it. Nearly 3 years ago, a journey that we embarked on has seen the light of its day, and has become a role model for many more businesses in India to follow suit. I am sure this is a small symbol of the creation of a new work order in Indian business atmosphere.


Sita said...

Congratulations and hats off to all the young brains who have kept up the spirit of innovation!!!!

The ACS M1 Innovation Centre, inaugurated on September 10th, 2007, at ABB Peenya stands testimony to the hard work and effort put in by 5 such Engineers who have worked day and night barring all odds in order to keep the flag of innovation flying high.

In a landmark achievement, the innovation centre was developed in a record time of just 2-3 weeks, proving yet again that nothing is impossible if we really put in our best.

The ACS M1 Innovation centre proved as an example for many other business units as well. My own Business Unit- Substation Automation followed suit, with her training centre which was inaugurated during the last week of Septemeber 2007.

On April 29th 2008, the 800xA Innovation Centre of the Power Generation business unit was inaugurated.

I am sure that we can expect similar knowledge centres coming up from all the business units, very soon. Things have started changing today. People who were not too keen on having training centres and those who considered such innovation centres or "out of the box"thinking as just a waste of time and money earlier, have started endorsing it now.

Our world is heading towards the better....we are certainly progressing...

You are right....I can also sense the beginning of a new work order...the one you had always dreamed of.

Rekha said...

First of all I would like to convey my hearty congratulations to you & to all your team members for the successful dream which has come true in your life on 10th of Sep 07.And I wish you all the best for your further & try to innovate more & more useful Applications in Innovation centre.

This was the one of the idea which you dreamt about a year back and the same dream has come true within a few months. I think this is very good, because every one can’t get this oppturnity.

And this Innovation center will be the hub for developing the new application in INDIA. So, I wish you all the best to you & to your team members to innovate more & more new ideas in the innovation centre.
“Congrats & Good luck”

Hari said...

Heart felt Congratulation to you and to your team members for your marvelous achievement keep it up nation will reap from your achievement from your Mother and Father