Sunday, April 13, 2008

BMW and its April Fool's day Ads

Going through the April Fool's day stuff on the internet, hit upon some very interesting ads posted by leading qualtiy Car manufacturer BMW. Quite some thing to laugh oneself on...

Hit yourself on the links for these funny Ads.
1. IDS ("Insect Deflector Screen") Technology - using elastic solutions to bounce insects off the windscreen as you drive,
2.SHEF ("Satellite Hypersensitive Electromagnetic Foodration") Technology, which sees the car's GPS systems synchronise with home appliances to perfectly cook a meal for the instant you return home.
3.Marque-Wiper - mini-wipers for each exterior "BMW" logo coming as standard on all future models,
4."Uninventing the wheel" to counter the "EU ban" on right-hand drive cars.
5.Zoom Impression Pixels ("ZIP") to counter new Slow Cameras.
6.Canine Repellent Alloy Protection - a means of discouraging dogs from urinating on car wheels. (2008)

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Sita said...

God knows maybe one day these technologies may become a reality :)