Friday, April 11, 2008

Nepal - At the End of Monarchy

Yesterday, Nepal went into elections the first time in nine years, marking the beginning of a new era in Nepalese politics, probably signaling the end of the era for Monarchy in Nepal. Thursday's election is a landmark election for Nepal. The people are voting for a constituent assembly that will draft a new constitution and change the existing political system there. The country's extreme left Maoists, who quit their armed struggle against the monarchy in 2005 after a peace deal, are taking part in the elections for the first time. The Himalayan nation which is also the world's only Hindu nation, might be end its centuries long tradition of being ruled by the royal dynasty.

As the Nepali people vote in this critical election, there are several questions in their minds. Will the new government be able pull the country out of the spiral of violence and political turmoils that have become characteristic of Nepal in the recent times? Can the Maoists or the King and his son accept the new constitution gracefully? How will this Himalayan kingdom re-invent itself as a Federal Republic?

Nepal probably finds itself historically in the ranks of being the oldest of civilizations in the world. With historical references dating back to 9000 years, Nepal has been the cradle for the Hindu culture and caste system and has been in references in the oldest epics including the Ramayana. This election will be watched not just by the Nepalese, but by all Hindus living all over the world.

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Sita said...

Good that Nepal is changing for the better.

However, some people are worried if the Maoists and other political parties will be able to take the kingdom forward or if they would just keep fighting amongst themselves forgetting the cause.

The elections are welcomed by the people of Nepal and are closely monitored by all people of the world.