Friday, April 4, 2008

Life's Test

There will happen a moment sometime in your life
when you are standing alone in one place
Not a soul nor seafish or angel no satan
no creature will show you its face
not a sound shall be spoken from the darkness around
no flicker of a flame or a spark will be found.

no pats on your back
no claps in the air
no crowns in your temples be worn

no cries of hurray
no carpets your way
no garlands your neck shall adorn

And then, dear friend
if you can still be the YOU
you'll make it through the life's test
cos' you're one of a chosen few.


Sita said...

All the hardships and trials that we face in life are only to make us a stronger person. We should be able to stand tough and come out of the pain and suffering.

Keep telling yourself that "even this shall pass"

We should trust in God that he will never mean bad to us. Though he may push you down a cliff, be assured that either he is down there to hold you or he will teach you how to fly.

Afterall who doesn't have problems in this world?

Hari said...

"You are also one person from the CHOSEN FEW"