Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Useful Blog on the net

As I was 'Blog hunting' for some interesting blogs from Mangalore,( the town I was born and brought up in ) I accidentally stepped upon a very intriguing blog of the Superindent of Police of Dakshin Kannada.
Here's the idea.
"This weblog has been created by the Dakshina Kannada Police with the purpose of disseminating police news of the district to those interested. Authentic and official information of DK Police will be posted here regularly. This is just an attempt to create an interface with the press and the public at large. Your views and suggestions are welcome. Superintendent of Police Dakshina Kannada District MANGALORE Karnataka Ph: 0824 2220503 (O) 2220504 (R)"
I find the blog very useful, for both the general public and the Police. It can increase transparency in operations, and find which cases lie in the dusty files of the police for too long!
We can also keep track of the civility record of the town. A beautiful initiative! I would like to know if other cities have such similar Police files on the net.

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Sita said...

A very good initiative indeed which will help people to know the crimes happening in their locality and also easily reporting the same.

However, I do not how well this system has succeeded in reaching the common man who do not have knowlegde of computers or the internet.

This also reminds me of a similar system in Kerala wherein the cell numbers of all the police officers right from DGP to constable was made availabe to the public, last month This means that they are availabe round the clock for the people, to protect them and to safeguard their interests.

In many cities, it is almost impossible to reach the topmost cop.This system which makes every cop reachable at all times,is also a very good initiative.