Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Zephyr in Zimbabwe

After a rather tumultous year 2007, the 28 year long term for Mr. Mugabe of the ZANU-PF party seems to have seen its unceremonious end after the controversial and rumour filled polls that was conducted on this March 29th in Zimbabwe.
Mr Mugabe the current President, has earned for himself a rather unpopular reputation. He has been accused of being authoritarian and corrupt. Under his regime, last year Zimbabwe faced a mammoth inflation which raced upto more than 100,000 % this february.
Situation seemed very bleak in Zimbabwe with the inflation figures racing up. People did not have jobs and resources promptly dried up. The local currency fell to almost close to zero! The BBC showed daily images of people escaping their country in search of jobs and food.
Morgan Tsvangirai is the leader of the largest faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and a veteran trade unionist. He has beaten Mugabe by claiming 50.3% of the total vote.
He established the MDC in 1999 as a party opposed to what it called "misrule, official corruption, and dictatorship" in Zimbabwe. He lost to Mr Mugabe in the 2002 presidential election which Western and opposition observers accused Zanu-PF of rigging. The elections in march also carried the same reputation with talks about ghost voting and rigging doing the rounds.
This victory has brought in a fresh hope of life for the average citizen of Zimbabwe. Dreams of democracy are playing on their minds. But Tsvangirai's first job will have to be to check this spiralling inflation. Zimbabwe will have to focus more on agriculture and increase local commodity produce.
Its a tough challenge ahead for Tsavingirai. But for the common man a sigh of releif.


Sita said...

Truly some relief for the people of Zimbabwe who woke up to see a ray of hope assuring them of a better tomorrow for them and their children.

I hope that Tsvangirai lives upto the expectation of the people of Zimbabwe who have been suffering for a very long time now. Its a tough challenge for him though as Mugabe is passing the baton to him at a very bad stage.

All the best for Tsvangirai and MDC to bring about some reforms for the betterment of his country and its economy.

Hari said...

Zimbabwe will come back under new leader ship It has got mining metallic and nonmetallic ores coal, gold, platinum, copper, nickel, tin, clay, numerous , steel; Industries wood products, cement, chemicals, fertilizer, clothing and footwear, foodstuffs, beverages opening up of border to Botswana will help faster growth. Lets pray better tomorrow.