Friday, April 4, 2008

Musicians of Manali

Alive, so vividly
is that scene in my eyes,
that night on the cold ocean
under the starry skies.

The sea was still
and the wind was slow,
the musicians, on the ship
had put up a show.

And then,the storm it broke
and tore away the mast
nothing aboard could be saved
cos the ship was sinking fast.

the captain had the lifeboat lowered
the people made it, if they could
But the Musicians of manali
remained playing where they stood

When the boats bade goodbye,
And the people were all gone,
Sweet music filled the tragic night
'Cos the show had to go on!


Arundathi Acharya said...

Nice one by you!! This reminds of movie Titanic...If I am not wrong there was a band of musician who choose to play till death.

Sita said...

I'm getting reminded of the musicians in "The Titanic " who kept playing and doing their job even though no one was listening to them and the ship was sinking.