Monday, April 14, 2008

The Zephyr turns into a Tornado

In an earlier post, the future of Zimbabwe had been suggested as a gentle breeze of hope, (Read: Krishna Prashanth: A Zephyr in Zimbabwe) with Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC gaining a majority over Mr.Mugabe of Zanu PF by capturing 50.3% of the total vote. But with the Zanu PF denying these results and the official results still waiting to be announced, the situation has turned rather shameful with violence and treachery mocking at the very meaning of democracy in Zimbabwe.
In the latest development a High Court appeal by the MDC requesting the immediate release of the electoral results, has been turned down. MDC lawyer Andrew Makoni said it was a "sad day in Zimbabwe". The judge said the results could not be published until reports of anomalies in some seats had been investigated. The opposition (MDC) said violence was escalating ahead of a possible run-off vote and that one of its supporters had been killed by Zanu-PF militia. All this even as MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai continues to say that he defeated President Robert Mugabe. But electoral officials have ordered a recount in a number of seats.
It is believed that in the earlier elections in 2002, Mr. Mugabe had manipulated numbers to convert the situation into a run off vote and managed to retain his position as the President of Zimbabwe for 28 long years. The 2008 election story seems to be taking a similar turn.
BBC reports the same as a case of " Democracy Gone Wrong"
"The electoral commission says the recount of presidential and parliamentary results in 23 constituencies will start on Saturday. Zanu-PF requested a recount in 22 constituencies, while an MDC application for a recount in one seat has also been granted. The contents of Zimbabwe's ballot boxes are still a matter of dispute.The parliamentary election saw Zanu-PF lose its majority for the first time in Mr Mugabe's 28-year rule. But the majority could be recovered if the ruling party is awarded just nine of the 23 seats subject to a recount. The speaker of the South African parliament, Baleka Mbete, has denounced the failure to publish the results of the presidential election as a case of "democracy gone wrong".
The citizens of Zimbabwe after having suffered a sky rocketing inflation of 100,000 %, are still waiting for the friendly zephyr of hope.


Sita said...

It is definitely a failure of democarcy. People across the world and the UN should act against this atrocity. Just like the people of Tibet have risen against China, similarly people of Zimbabwe should rise against Mugabe and his Zanu PF. It is time that they start fighting for their rights and for their progress.

They cannot sit back and expect a Zephyr. They should brave the storm and enjoy the calmness after the storm.

Hari said...

I feel democracy will prevail soon or later. We will pray for people of Zimbabwe.