Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Obnoxius Weed Resurfaces Again

Its surprising and shameful to see some "icons" who carry with them the respect and admiration of millions of fans across the nation, never seem to learn what it takes to be at that position of being an idol. No prizes for guessing the name of the most famous 'spoilt brat' of the Indian Cricketing history. Yes! Undoubtedly Mr Harbhajan Singh.
He got scott free (thanks to the rather distasteful but overwhelming support of "we the pride loving Indians") in Australia,after committing rather some shameless crimes, and perpetuating uncalled for controversies and then justifying his actions as a retort of cricketing aggression. Volumes were spoken on the new found bravery of the surdar of spin, and his ability to stand up to structured Australian Mind games. Although, after the nasty stories doing its rounds in the IPL today I'm sure you will agree to my earlier post on this issue.( Krishna Prashanth: Fallen Face on floor- still no dust on the chin!! )
I am sure and very certain that he should be punished, if the game is to enjoy any wee bit of respect. If you are a Bhajji fan, great and so be it. As long as it is the spin that entices you kudos!
But if you admire him for his aggression, its time to search for a different role model.


Sita said...

I agree to the fact that what Harbhajan Singh did on friday is not correct.

However, you should also try to analyse what provoked him to do that. Srisanth is known for ridiculing other players, making comments at them and showing faces at them. People have complained about his behaviour in many matches. This time, when Srisanth tried to act smart with Harbhajan Singh, he got it back. There is always a limit for patience. When this limit is crossed, I am sure that you and I would have done what Bhajji had done.

I feel that Bhajji was provoked to do what he did. I am not justifying him. I agree that he needs to be punished so that it will prove as a precedent for others trying to commit the same mistake. However, I also want to say that Srisanth and players like him who verbally abuse other players by their gimmicks should also be taken to task and warned.

sharath said...

Yes i agree with you views that harbajan should undoubtly be punished but at the same time i also hope that sreesanth will learn some thing out of this controversy that how he should behave on field. We might see the new face of sreesanth in the coming matches too.......

Ganesh Nayak Ullal said...

Its not right to compare Sreeshanth and Harbhajan.

In my opinion Srishant does not use abusive language while venting out his anger, like telling a batsman "I will get to your wickets" or something like that. In the case of recent controversy apparently Srishanth told Harbhajan "Hard luck". Thats it. Harbhajans stupid reaction is no where close to justification.