Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fallen Face on floor- still no dust on the chin!!

Amusingly, Harbajan reacting to the Hayden Radio controversy, concludes that the Australians are sledging a lot more because of Indian Cricket team's performance on feild. The Australians are now beginning to feel the heat!!

What is interesting is that , the pride of the Indian is restored by this remark that sounds too good to be true!! What on earth are we claiming to be proud about??

India Lost the Test series to Australia
India was shattered to defeat in the 20-20 series
India is way behind Australia, in the One day series

And still, we think we are doing too well!! So well that we have provoked Australia to resort to mind games and sledging to get back their lost glory!!

Lets take a different perspective. We all know that Harbhajan did actually abuse Symonds (or rather his mother!) in the infamous Sydney test. Thanks to the support of his team and BCCIs intervening, he got scot free!! Take 2: take a look at what Cricket Australia did to Hayden for having called Harbajan "an obnoxious weed" in an external radio interveiw. He was reprimanded and has been fined for it. Surprisingly Harbajan is already a hero back home! Instead of strongly punishing him for having behaved in a denigrating fashion BCCI has made him the crusader of Indian value system. Surely leaves a bad taste!

Sadly though, instead of trying to put things into order, the Indian is proud of his new found energy to fall out of line and defend himself by calling it the meek standing up against agression.
Symonds was bidded for 1.35MUSD in the IPL bidding, Bhajji himself raked up a lot of Cash. Anil Kumble the leading spinner for India barely manages to get half the amount of a bid! The message , however is extremely distrubing. " Controversy is Cash". The sad truth is that the common Indian kid watching all this , is bound to idolise Bhajji's fight , Srisanth's agression and Ishant's retort to Symonds and fail to admire Kumble's 500 wickets.

The new India must m need to learn to get mature, and know what to feel proud about! We desperately need to make sure that our phony pride will not bring us to a nasty fall! Whether it is a distaste to yellow journalism, or media sensationalisation we need to develop an outlook that is closer to the truth.

After all, falling face on the ground is not bad . As long as we can get up and dust the chin off. Surely far better than walking with dust on the chin, and pretending we didn't fall at all!


Hari said...

Gentle man game getting in the hands of media.

vijayan said...

The whole issue boils down to one aspect. What is sledging?Is there any definition at all in the I C C
rule books. If one can call the Australians have mastered the art of provoking, does it not mean the supporters of the theory validate the same.Yes when comparing the
culture of the two countries it should not go well with an average Indian or a kid to idolise somebody
using nonsence words.
The point is let ICC decide on the code of conduct and do away with sledging.The aggression part need to be shown only with the Ball or the Bat.

Ganesh Nayak Ullal said...

Now that India has won the one-day series, we know whose chin the dust really is.