Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Fat Man's Song

You can take me this way or just leave me out,

Not much I can do about it anyways

I tried everything that I possibly could

But I am still growing sideways

And When I was young,and handsome and slim

I thought, forever I would stay that way

So I laughed at the fat,the wobbly and round

I realise how wrong I was that day

Now I just have a tummy as big as a baloon

and I look like a nice teddy doll!

So nice to cuddle and so nice to hug

and feels nice to laugh at me , when I fall!

I tried out the skip rope,and I tried the gym

I tried out jogging every dawn

But nothing did change,and I wore out my shoes

and destroyed every grass on the Lawn!!

When I sit in a car , the tyres just go flat

and the elevators just wont move up!

And the chairs that I sit on, crumble like cookies

I think its about time, that I gave up!

I'm just a fat fat man now

and as fat as a pink pumpkin

and mothers of kids keep telling their children

keep fit, or you'll grow like him.

1 comment:

vijayan said...

well the one about having to leave for home late after work
was good.

the one about reconciling to the
fact about being fat was not, for
pereseverence always pays.