Saturday, February 16, 2008

Marathis and Indians later- Are we humans yet?

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I couldn't help observing

Deeply moved by the happenings of Mumbai , and shrugging in disbelief over the power of muscle over reason, and the power of cacophony over debate, I found myself asking if We were being humans at all yet.

What is this stuff about pride of being an Indian or a Kannadiga or an Italian or an american? Have we even evolved yet,if we cant resort to meaningful, but dignified debate to resolve differences we have with our neighbour who hails from a different region of our country?
Pride of being an Indian? This sounds like the deaf man who was proud of the way he sings!!


VenkY said...
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VenkY said...

Very True...In India and in fact world over, we have always had people claiming supremacy and counter supremacy and acting based on such claims. While this is wrong we should also keep in mind the different mindsets our up bringing etches into us. So the best way would be to accept the difference as beauty rather than aberration and move on with life.