Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Great Wave

How many people die of hunger every minute?
How many don’t own the cloth on their backs?
How many live here with the fear of death?
Do those waves know who has what, or what who lacks?

What was the joy that you laughed for?
What is the grief that brought tears to your eyes?
What was so great that you gave up your life for?
How many waves stopped by to listen to your cries?

Who was the great man whose statues adorn your streets?
Who was the despot whom we needed to capture and kill?
Who is a friend and who is your bitter enemy?
How many waves cared for all these or ever will?

What is your Goal what is your ambition?
Where are we all running to in such a hasty pace?
How much have you achieved how much have you lost?
How many waves will bow down to your race?

How many beautiful birds chirp your mornings?
How many ugly drains run through your town?
How many lofty trees have you cut down to the soil?
To how many such sights will the waves smile or frown?

How many wars have you fought or not?
How many games have you played or won?
How many people have you freed or slaved?
Have those ocean waves noticed even a single one?

How many governments have ruled this land?
How many scriptures have framed your mind?
How many brothers have died for a piece of earth?
Have the waves been changed by any of that kind?

Through the day and into the night
Relentless waves reach the shore
Never more fast, never too slow
centuries in tandem on only this chore

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