Monday, February 18, 2008

Brain Damage -Part 2(Fiction)

I saw GILMOUR again 10 days later. I think it was the same bus again... 252 or something.This time I made it a point that I talk to him no matter what. So I followed the bus..
I think it was the end.Because finally he was'nt in the bus afterall.I personally checked every commuter in the bus. He was missing. Just gone...Vanished into thin air. D was at home when I returned. D was quiet, small, furry and frightened of everything. Even mosquitoes. D was hardly a dog. D was just D.

So when I played "LOST FOR WORDS" D was listening too. D knew all about FLOYD and GILMOUR. I had already told him that I had seen GILMOUR. I dont know if he beleives me.I think he does.

D likes "HIGH HOPES". D likes me play the lead to "....The Grass was Greener.." So I play the lead to "...The Grass was greener." I had told Summit something once about making a rock band. Ask him if you want to .But he must have forgotten. I'm sure he has. He always forgets.
The insane man at VaZ guitaring classes did'nt turn up for classes anymore. I heard his folks had found him under a train or something.He had crushed his brain....So much for knowing GILMOUR.Like he says..."AND THE WORMS EAT INTO HIS BRAIN"

D hated women. He thought them all as bitches. He hated bitches. D hated my Girl friend.I like D in many ways. For one thing he never complains about being bored. My Girl friend does. She thinks I'm boring. Well I even tried singing songs for her. Songs that I wrote myself. D never approved of this .But I did it all the same. I wrote some 12 or 13 songs all about the "pin that burst red baloons".

She told me it was all too abstract for her to understand. Even Dods had told this to me once. Back in college. Out on the sea shore. The relentless waves drowned my greif as dods declared "I CANT FATHOM YOU" . I felt as if someone said "......YOU ARE ONLY COMING THROUGH IN WAVES.."I really dont know what it meant.But I knew I had lost a good friend in dods. Ask Summit. He knows about it all.Unless he has forgotten.

VaZ from VaZ guitaring classes told me, he wont let me play his guitar anymore if I dont follow his instructions. Like practice the chords before playing songs. And that FLOYD stuff destoys pure guitaring skills. I needed to practice some songs that sounded more like church choirs than songs.

So I quit VaZ guitaring classes. I decided to give up guitaring for ever.
D didnt approve of that at all. But who cares for D? ...

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