Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leaders- Agents of change

I remember atleast a dozen distinct instances , where fellow employees have complained and cribbed to themselves about the poor state of safety for employees going back home from my office, and about lack of good transportation facilities for them to do so.
People have wailed cried and cribbed. People have given up, people think nothing will change.
After what I should call a long struggle, sailing against many odds, today for the first time, a cab took off at 18:30 hrs with 8 fellow ABBians, from their office to home. A new era had heralded. As the cab waived off on its first trip ,a self motivated leader, the cause behind this end ,Sita from PS-SA smiled . She had just made a message to several thousand employees before her who had given up. The message was "Time has come for a change"
This is just a miniscule representation of the state of affairs and the world that we live in, its filled with leaders desiring to bring about a change in the way of life, and not complaining about poor state of affairs. After all you complain only when you are a victim, as a leader you get things to your control!
They are everywhere, in the bus, at your office, on the street, by the wall, just about anywhere. Leaders, the creators of tomorrow, in one form or the other,-they are the present, they decide the future.
They are the catalysts the world has seen before and will see in future. They are the agents of change!!!


Sita said...

I want to just make a point here. Instead of sitting and brooding about something wrong in the system around us, if you actually go ahead and try to make a change, that itself will give you immense confidence and strength to achieve even the impossible. We do not lose anything by trying. Let us try to do our duties and not worry about the result.
The world is to be led by the youngsters now.If everyone of us believe that there can be a change brought about in the current system if we earnestly make an effort, we are sure to succeed, bring about a change and bring in the era of dynamism, youth and energy.

Sreepriya said...

Good One..!

HARESH said...

hi,...i think this is a very inspiring event that has happenend and m sure it is just the begining,...many such more exciting events will happen if all the young brains work togather for the CHANGE...i know it is very hard to break thru a WALL of experience and to get thru with a new idea...but as u see it is not IMPOSSIBLE...

ramya said...

Motivating...this is just a beginning....Im sure there are a lot more things going to happen from now on..