Monday, February 25, 2008

The Dusk of the "Fidel Castro" Era

'At the eve of the stepping down of a leader ,most revered and most hated, most idolised and most controversial, a leader of strong words and powerful actions, a leader immersed in a myriad marmalede of mystery and enigma, a leader of hearts and swords, after having led the minds of Cubans and other Latin Americans for 49 long years, the cubans are still wondering "after Castro what next"'.

Fidel Castro , President of Cuba from 1959 to 2008 ,49 long years of unquestioned leadership ,deciding to step down this Febraury 19th , will leave behind an era of powerful socialistic politics. The era of the Cold War has come to an end!
Fidel will be remembered for his agression. This excerpt of his letter to US president Roosevelt while he was barely 12 years of age will point to this fact.

"If you like, give me a ten dollar bill green American, because never, I have not seen a ten dollar bill," signing the letter, "Thank you very much. Good by . Your friend, Fidel Castro."

Undoubtedly being the strongest perpetuator of the Cuban revolution, and being the mastermind who crafted the fall of President Batista through a political coup , speaks from a prison a little before the actual coup, he doesn't mince words addressing Batista

"I warn you, I am just beginning! If there is in your hearts a vestige of love for your country, love for humanity, love for justice, listen carefully... I know that the regime will try to suppress the truth by all possible means; I know that there will be a conspiracy to bury me in oblivion. But my voice will not be stifled – it will rise from my breast even when I feel most alone, and my heart will give it all the fire that callous cowards deny it... Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me."

Fidel has been internationally been a headline grabber, whether be his dictaorial figure or his intense distaste for capitalism as shown in this speech he makes to the Cubans in 1961.

"The revolution has no time for elections. There is no more democratic government in Latin America than the revolutionary government. ... If Mr. Kennedy does not like Socialism, we do not like imperialism. We do not like capitalism."

Castro has also been internationally the most targetted figure for assasination. The CIA in particularly has made several schemes to terminate the most popular figure of Latin America. Most of these have been documented in the book "638 ways to kill Castro" . Castro in him inimitable style once quips,

"If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal."

Cuba ,however now needs a leader, (after Castro's stepping down) a leader who can cleverly steer Cuba through a planned economic reformation process. By all indications this leader will be his younger brother Raul Castro. Being the Latin American country with the strongest Communist ideology, this will be a real challenge for Raul.

But for as of now, a sigh of releif for the US and the CIA, and a goodbye to Fidel Castro.


Hari said...

It is nice one. Glad to know lots of things.

vijayan said...

The greatness of any political leader lies in the acceptance of the masses.If it were not so the lure of change would have long removed him