Monday, February 18, 2008

Brain Damage -Part 3 (Fiction)

I liked the mail FoXX Pai sent the other day. The one that carried the old issues of NWagon. I always liked Foxx Pai and may be because it was always FoXX and not just Fox.There were always two 'X'.

I never asked him why! And so he never told me why!

I like most mails that most people send me anyway. Except the long "Fwd" mails I dont even read them anymore.I dont read much these days anyway.Not that I ever did.I was always a poor reader. I just read books that interested me! But I would'nt know if they'd interest me at all because I never read them in the first place.

So I never read my books well, back in college! Ask summit ! He'll probably tell you if he remembers...I doubt if he does...He always had a poor memory! Just like D.
D never remebered anything at all.!D was hardly a dog I guess. D was just D. D was rather ambitious i should think. D wanted to rule the world i suppose.

FLOYD did that I'm sure. I mean i think they still rule the world. FOXX Pai wont say that though.For he didnt like WATERS. or GILMOUR for that matter. He didnt think anybody did rule the world.

I saw GILMOUR again some 6 days later.But I was asleep on my mat and I think thats ok.Because I generally see GILMOUR when I am asleep on the mat which I do most of the time anyway.

But what seemed out of the way was that GILMOUR was singing when I met him."TWO SUNS BY THE SUNSET". and the sky did show two suns.Although I know thats not what WATERS meant.but then you never know what WATERS means anyway.

I met the doc about the pain in my chest. Which ws growing worse by the day.He says its a lung infection. I know what he means. He means I dont BREATHE well.Which is true because i dont like monotony.And I think breathing is monotonous.

I sometimes stop breathing to relax myself. Once i did not breathe for 2 days and i wanted to go on. But D didnt let me. He was worried that I was dead .I had to play him THE SOUTHAMTON DOCK to cheer him up. He likes it when I play either that or the FINAL CUT.To tell you frankly I like PARANOID EYES better.

My girl friend does not talk to me anymore.Which is very funny because i have started to like listening to hear her talk. I dont know if it is very funny. I think it is though. Its funny because she gets angry with me whenever i call her FATTY.And I call her FATTY whenever I can. She says I should be more sensitive than that.Which is true maybe..But then maybe not true afterall.
I dont think I'll live for more than 20 hours.BEcause my brain says so. I fell better about it. FOr I will be rid of a monotony ,the mediocrity of being alive.

I'm sure D does not like this at all. But I'm not worried.All that I'm worried is when I'm Gone there'll be " NOBODY HOME"

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