Monday, February 18, 2008

Brain Damage -Part 1 (Fiction)

I got a good idea the other day. Which is funny because I dont generally get good ideas.And the funniest part is I have been savouring this thing for so long in my otherwise kinky head, that I almost have begun to beleive its true.

It just occured to me, one early morning, when I was driving my way back home after work..that I should become a guitarist. I was sleepy and almost dozing after a long grilling session of a technical debate and I thought that the idea of becoming a guitarist seemed like a haze of paint on blotting paper.

It was 10 in the morning when I woke up after what contemporary novelists refer to as "FITFUL SPASMS OF SLEEP" . And I felt anything far from feeling great. I dont know what this means but I generally start my day listening to FLOYD. And so I switched on my laptop and started playing "IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?" followed by "COMFORTABLY NUMB" and the "STAY".

Any child from the kindergarten that has listened to FLOYD ever since it was born will tell you that there is no better order than the above to play these three FLOYD pieces.And so I did play them in that order. After the 20 minutes of listening I put on the GEYSER and let the water warm up listening to "ECHOES."

A hot shower listening to "TIME" is just as refreshing as a cup of hot coffee listening to "WISH YOU WERE HERE". And then I did the thing I never suspected I would. I called up VaZ Guitaring classes and signed up for a course in guitaring.

I saw GILMOUR one day in a BMTC bus. He was carrying a bag which seemed to accomodate a dozen apples and a lone shoe. I immediately stopped my car. I rushed to the bus. The bus was gone. The board on the bus showed 252.

Nobody beleived me when I told them I had seen GILMOUR. Some of them suggested I had gone if insane people keep seeing GILMOUR carrying apples around...Some of them thought I was joking. I was not joking and I am clear that I did see GILMOUR in the bus.
I met an insane man in VaZ guitaring classes. He was insane because he beleived me when I told him I saw GILMOUR the other day in the bus. He was insane because he spoke to GILMOUR even if nobody saw GILMOUR anywhere around him.

I have a Girl Freind now. Which is funny because its not even a week since i went insane. I met this Girl out side VaZ guitaring classes.She is a pretty girl to say the truth. But she's rather huge for me. Being very frank with you guys she resembles "VERA" of the yesteryears. But she lets me kiss her every now and then, and she calls me KRISH... "KRISH"
It sounds almost like FIZZ.... or HISS... or even PISS..... and everytime she calls me KRISH... It sounds like she says KISS....

And So we Kiss.

I have learned to play quite well with the guitar.But my tutor disagrees. He says I'm too fast. I dont quite get him...(too fast..?). I can play "COMING BACK TO LIFE " and "HEY YOU" (..Quite fast...uh?)

I stopped by ulsoor lake the other day . The sun was setting.The golden rays heat the grass up and shine them to polish. I sat on the GRASS and watched the sun....I knew what WATERS had meant by BRAIN DAMAGE...........
They still laugh by on the other side of the moon,....THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

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