Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bangalore on Cloud Nine.

The first flight from the much much awaited Bengaluru International Airport - Devanahalli will take off at 01:00 hrs on March 29th 2008. Probably one of the most busiest cities in South Asia, Bangalore- The Silicon Valley of India, will now have an airport, befitting its largely cosmopolitan status and status as a business hub of emerging India.
The Airport has drawn big names and carries a long history, envisaged in 1991, this airport will finally be a reality and has cost a whopping 19 Billion Indian Rupees as against an estimated 13 Billion Indian Rupees.
Finally passengers to or from Bangalore can heave a sigh of releif after having to go through a nearly tortuorous ordeal at the current airport at the HAL premises. While the current airport has been serving the ever growing number of passengers and aircrafts, it has by all means reached a brink of a serious collapse. Just about the right time the new airport at Devanahalli will cater to the largely corporate tinge of flyers.
With 2 runways, a fully airconditioned terminal, with seperate levels for arrivals and departure spread over a sprawling 4000 odd acres of land, the passengers will have little to complain.
The big question that however remains to be answered is whether Bangalore can hasten to attend to the infrastructure demand that will emerge to cater to passengers to travel 30kms from the city centre, whether by the much spoken about High speed trains to the airport,or better road facilities .

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Hari said...

Now they have to concentrate reduce time to reach Airport. At present to reach Railway station it self takes time from any ware from city